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Sprinkler Repair & Installation in Memphis

You may think of landscaping as being nothing more than a combination of plants and useful spaces, but our experts at Groundmasters Landscape know that it takes much more than that to have a fully functional and comfortable space. In addition to the plants, space design, and landscaping maintenance, we offer the following irrigation and lighting solutions that will help you maximize the enjoyment of the outdoor part of your home:

GroundMasters irrigation division utilizes the latest technology and systems to bring that perfect balance of water coverage, conservation, and cost savings to all our new of existing systems. Competetive in price and unequalled in quality we strive to exceed our clients expectations in delivering a product which promotes healthy turf and bedding areas while creating long lasting relationships.

  • Sprinkler installation
  • Driveway and walkway illumination
  • LED replacements for energy savings
  • Security lights installation
  • Regular maintenance
  • Drainage design and implementation
  • Installment winterization
  • Spring turn-on service

A lawn's beauty is only as good as its underlying irrigation system - your plants need water and without the right sprinklers or other irrigation devices, those trees and flowers that make your outdoor space so attractive could fall victim to drought. Our irrigation planning stage takes into account the various plants that make up your outdoor ecosystem and returns a customized, easy-to-use answer that ensures your plants will get the right amount of water during all seasons.

It is well understood that outdoor lighting to make a home more safe and useful. Adding security lights will not only protect your home from burglary, but will also add a level of comfort so you can sleep better at night knowing you're well protected. In addition, our installment of walkway and other lights will keep you using your outdoor space well into the night hours. Using the best options for conserving energy and providing strong illumination, your new lights will be cost-effective and bring new life to your outdoor areas.

For a professional look at your specific irrigation and lighting needs, call Groundmasters Landscape at 901-565-7711 and we'll schedule a convenient time to visit your location.

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