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Flawless Tree Work

GroundMaster tree service division offers quality and affordable arbor care and tree removal by our ISA certified arborist (SO-6382A). The trees around your home or business provide beauty, shade and clean air to our environment. It is paramount to maintain their vitality while providing a safe zone for property and to all who pass. Like humans trees are living organisms growing daily and likewise needing care and attention. Groundmasters will access your trees health and make recommendations to keep this investment a vital part of your landscape.Tree pruning, trimming or tree removal of hazardous trees, call for your free tree assessment. Servicing the Greater Memphis area, Germantown, Collierville and the Tri State area.


  • Pruning standard
  • Removal
  • Hazardous Tree Evaluation
  • Tree care specifications

Prunning is recommended to maintain and improve the overall health of the tree. We follow these practices:

  • Remove any lateral limbs which create a danger to structure or person
  • Remove deadwood
  • Remove diseased limbs
  • Perform weight reduction to lessen wind or storm damage
  • Improve shape
  • Inspect for wood destroying insects or other tree health issues

Hazardous Tree Evaluation notes visible defects, hangers, splits, limb connections, disease, decay, and root condition.

  • Potential for failure: Note signs of decay, lighting or storm damage, insect infestation and damage, water drainage (wet wood), externally visible cracks, presence of mushrooms or conks, or hollow trunk. The presence of these provide for weakness thus making the tree more susceptible to disease.
  • Target is a term for ascertaining the hazardous classification of an individual tree. If there are buildings, or personal property which can be damaged by falling limbs or if the tree itself is in danger of creating a hazard to persons frequenting the vicinity then the tree should be considered hazardous.


  • ISA Certified Arborist (SO-6382A)
  • General Liability Insurance $2,000,000.00
  • Workers Compensation Insurance for all employees
  • No live tree (excluding trees to be removed) will be ascended with spurs
  • All equipment used shall be in compliance with American national Standards Institute (ANSI Z133)
  • All tree personnel shall utilize necessary safety clothing and equipment
  • GroundMasters shall solely be responsible for the safety of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the work site. All warning devices, ie. barricades and safety cones shall be utilized to ensure the safety and protection of all
  • Any damage to trees or property caused by GroundMasters, shall be repaired immediately at no additional expense to client and to their satisfaction
  • All debris from tree pruning or removal shall be removed from the site at the end of each day unless prior arrangements with the client have been made. All hard surfaces shall also be cleaned at the end of each day

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